In November 2019 project lead Dr Denise Doyle went to interview Norma Deseke who is part of the BEAnotherLab collective as an anthropologist.

Denise was particularly looking into investigate the methodologies behind the collaborations between the wide mix of disciplines within BeanotherLab as well as speak about their project ‘Library of Ourselves’ that was a STARTS Honoury mention in 2007.

Library of Ourselves is an interdisciplinary and distributed project to create transformative encounters between communities in conflict. It was built using The Machine To Be Another (TMBA), an adaptable Creative Commons system that bridges cognitive science and virtual reality techniques to create empathic-driven experiences. Library of Ourselves combines a novel embodiment system, an immersive archive, and a distributed research toolkit to allow users to exchange perspectives, bodies, and stories. It is designed as a highly scalable and accessible tool to foster and investigate empathy between different groups.